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Closing the gap between hope and despair to empower at-risk youth and young adults to enrich their lives, pursue education, and establish successful careers.


Savvy Youth was established to guide and assist youth in their educational and professional journeys. 

We are connecting young people with mentors and digital tools that will create a pathway to a brighter future. People who can expose them to new possibilities and provide the confidence to succeed.

Our goal is to increase high school graduation rates and raise awareness of the possibilities of college, trade schools, training programs, and entrepreneurial pathways, which are not currently part of the conversation in many communities.

We are looking to raise up a whole generation! 

We need you to make that a reality.


Qiana Hicks is an IT Leader, Author, Speaker, and Founder of the Savvy Youth Sister Organization, Pathway Forward. Qiana was in the very shoes of many of the youth we are trying to raise up. A childhood riddled with abuse, neglect, poverty, and adolescent parenthood, Qiana was able to imagine a future with achievement and prosperity, for which she carved out her own pathway to attain. Her lived journey is the reason Savvy Youth exist.

Who better to lead than one who has walked the line?

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